Alpaca Fiber Nesting Ball

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Grapevine Nesting Balls

These 6” bird nesting balls are made with grapevine and filled with 100% all natural, dye-free alpaca fiber.  Nest building is a critical activity for many birds and they dedicate hours to building nests.  Alpaca fiber will provide them with the best materials for warmth and insulation!  Alpaca fiber is naturally water repellent which makes it ideal for nest building.    Just hang them in the back yard and watch the birds as they pull out tufts of alpaca fiber to take back to their nests.

Each nesting ball comes with a jute twine string for you to tie on a hook or a branch.  If you have bird feeders, it’s recommended to place the nesting balls near the feeders.   

  • These balls were made possible by fleece grown from our own herd.
  • One bag of FREE alpaca fiber refill comes with each nesting ball!