Knit Blood Orange Alpaca Messy Bun Hat

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Hand Knit Alpaca Messy Bun Hat 100% Alpaca!

Now you don't have to take your hair down just to put on your hat! Messy Bun Hats are super functional, allowing for your messy bun or ponytail to stick out of the hole at the top, while still keeping your head and ears warm from the colder weather. This Messy Bun Beanie is made with an adjustable hole on the top, allowing for stretch when you pull your hair through. Lightweight and moisture-wicking for a cozy, comfortable, custom fit. Because alpaca hats are breathable and versatile, they can be worn as a winter hat, as well as on cool Summer evenings.

From Fleece to Fashion - These stylish 100 percent alpaca messy bun hats are made possible from the alpacas who live right here on the farm at Majestic Meadows.

Shorn once a year, their soft and warm fiber is processed into yarn and then hand knit right here on the farm making this a one of a kind special gift for that special someone.

Alpaca is warmer than sheep’s wool without the prickle factor and the absence of lanolin that is found in sheep’s wool makes it hypoallergenic too!

These hats are beautiful, soft and warm and are a great item to add to your winter collection this year!